The Renewable Revolution It’s exponential, global, and this decade.

The Energy Transition Narrative v2.0 brings interesting insights into the Renewable Energy Revolution.

A fact that many authors theorized about longer waves, being able to associate the primacy with the Russian economist Kondratiev. But it was Schumpeter (1883 -1950) who dedicated himself most to the concept of Business Cycles by bringing the concept of Creative Destruction in his work “Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy”.

In the 90s, The Economist did an excellent article on Schumpeter’s Waves, where the intensification of the process of creative destruction was evident.

Other authors also dedicated themselves to the concept, with emphasis on Prof. Carlota Perez, from the University of Sussex, based at SPRU, for many institutions known as the Mecca of Innovation.

The first two waves covered England; In the three following the United States of America, there is already a consensus that China is emerging as a nation driving the Sixth Wave: The Era of Renewable Energy.

In four chapters, The Energy Transition Narrative, dedicates chapter 2, “China-led and going global,” to Chinese primacy and leadership as Renewable Energy.
The Energy Transition Narrative v2.0 traz insigths interessantes sobre a Revolução das Energias Renováveis.